The Single Best Strategy To Use For Winter garden realtor

The National Association of Realtors membership as of last quarter, 2019 has 188,000 real estate agent members. That doesn't include everybody that has a license. Now, the point of this to Winter Garden real estate agents to Winter Garden real estate professionals to Orlando, to Florida, to the rest of the country… The over saturation and consistent over use of the same old terms is only putting you in harmony with everyone else. This also takes away from the authenticity and the authority that you're trying to build. When you say “your trusted real estate agent” and they're over, at last check, I think it was 21,000, in Florida alone, using that as their main tag.

Do you immediately trust someone right out of the gate? Do you go to a page and say, wow, I'm just going to trust you? Accept that and change that. Give them reasons to trust you move to words that are yours. Stories that are yours. Authenticity, that's yours and authority. That's yours. It doesn't mean you need to be the greatest real estate agent in the world, but what got you into it? Why do you do it? Why? You know specifically, Why should people come to Winter Garden? Why should they look at Stoneybrook West, Hamlin, all these areas around here as a great place to live? All the top line facts they can hear from anyone.

So stepping away from that… and you still talk about your listings, you still talk about the homes, and you talk about Winter Garden and Orlando and all that… But, when you begin to change the script to make it yours, so that people get a sense of what you’re doing that can draw them to you. And maybe it's not the immediate sell to, maybe it's see this someone that that's saying, “you know what I'm thinking about going down to Florida. I'm thinking about going here.”

When they begin to engage you and they feel like they're not just being sold and not just being pressured. And once an email comes through, they're not just being popped on an automated email list. When they feel a connection that begins in authentic trust… When you talk about your life, the things around you, not trying to be some motivational coach or Tony Robbins or Gary Vee knockoff, but genuinely who you are, what's going on in your world, why you got into real estate, why you love Winter Garden or anywhere around. That authenticity sets a foundation and it changes your voice from sounding in unison with everyone else, to beginning to sing in a voice that differentiates, that allows you to be heard, that allows you to be contacted. This goes from videos to audio to the images that you post. Think with a sense of authenticity. Step out of the over saturation of what's there.. and your messaging… and your brand messaging may just attract that many more people to you.

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